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You're just clicks away from accessing St. Louis area scholarships!

Please read the instructions below and then click on the Scholarship Central button to start your applications.




How to Use Scholarship Central

1. Create an account.

Click on the button above to access Scholarship Central. 

Click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

Enter a valid e-mail address and password to create a secure user profile that will allow you to complete the general application. 

The system will send you an e-mail and you must click on that to confirm your account and password before you can proceed.

2. Complete the general application.

Once you have confirmed your account password, login again to Scholarship Central to complete the general application. This asks for your contact information, GPA, college, and other information.

You will need to upload your most current transcript. If you need help with this, please e-mail us at

Please note, if you are re-applying for a scholarship or for the interest-free loans program and completed the general application last year, you will need to upload your most current transcript for your application to be complete.

3. Scroll through the list and apply for scholarships.

Once you have completed your general application, you will see a list of scholarships for which you might be eligible.

You will need to apply for each of these scholarships individually.

Scholarship Central includes approximately 45 area scholarships. Please note that only scholarships currently accepting applications will be visible when you open Scholarship Central.

Most scholarships accept applications January through April. Check Scholarship Central frequently to find ones that meet your needs.

Completing the general application is the first step. Step 2 is completing the application for each scholarship for which you are eligible. Scholarship Central does not automatically apply for scholarships for you; you need to complete the questions for each scholarship to complete your application.


Find Even More Scholarships!
In addition to the scholarships available through Scholarship Central, many other funding opportunities are available to students in metropolitan St. Louis that are not listed in the Scholarship Central common application system. 

Database of Scholarships
Click here
 to view a complete listing of scholarships we have cataloged as a webpage. This is an online spreadsheet of approximately 200 scholarships available to St. Louis area students. Please note you can search the database following instructions on the Google doc link.

Help us keep the database current by sending us any updates you may have.

St. Louis Graduates Scholarship Fund
In 2012, St. Louis Graduates announced the St. Louis Graduates Scholarship Fund, a pooled fund that allows people in the community to create scholarships for St. Louis area students. Click here for more information about grant awards to students through the St. Louis Graduates Scholarship Fund.

Other Resources
Additional resources on financial aid and scholarships can be found in the Paying for College section of

The Story of Scholarship Central
Want to learn more about how Scholarship Central came to exist? Click here to connect to an online Prezi about Scholarship Central. Please note it takes a few minutes to load.

Scholarship Central is made possible through a generous grant from Wells Fargo Advisors as well as support from the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation and Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis.