Connecting to Students

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 12:16

Laura Winter

St. Louis Graduates exists to connect St. Louis area students to resources that help them enter college and complete a degree. We are always looking for partners who can help students know about the free resources we provide, as well as ways we can help students know about other resources in the community.

Yesterday we met with the youth services team at St. Louis Public Library to let them know about Scholarship Central, our free, online system connecting local students to local scholarship and interest-free loan programs. The youth services team will now be able to connect students looking for scholarship information to Scholarship Central. If you are a student, the youth services team at each Public Library branch can help you with all kinds of things - from finding the book for a research paper to homework help!

Here's a photo from the meeting with the St. Louis Public Library Team:

Does your organization work with young people? Let us know how we can connect. Send us an e-mail at